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Drilling Apparatus

Item No.: YSD345
Drilling Apparatus 
CW-2AT (AL pipe, AL base)
CW-2A (AL pipe, speed controller)
CW-2B (AL, pipe)
CW-2C (Plastic pipe)
Product Characteristics
Ideal for drilling holes in glass and plastic lenses. Opposing taper drill bits system allow holes to be drilled from both sides simultaneously for précised place and avoids chipping and breaking of all lenses, especially those made of glass. After hole drilled, placed the lens under reamer and lifted upwards to be enlarged to desired size.
Technical Parameters
Dimensions (L*W*H): 250*200*330
Weight: 3 kg
Power Requirement: 110V/220V  60Hz/50Hz  40W

TAPER DRILL BITS                 Enlarge  hole sizes from φ     PULSE SWITCH
                                             1.5mm to 2.5 mm
1. Non corrosive machine body. 
2. Suitable for plastic and glass lenses. 
3. Adjustable groove position (front-central-rear) 
4. No water system required.
5. Accurate on all profiles
6. Adjustable groove depth: from 0 to 0.7mm
7. Groove width: 0.65mm
8. Lens thickness: from 1.5 to 11mm
9. Lens φ: from 18 to 70mm
10. Power: 90W