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Demo Driller

Item No.: YSD344
Demo Driller 
Product Characteristics
It is an indispensable machine to fully automatic edger.
Use this machine to make direct drilling in the gasket.
The gasket can replace for die plate in using in the edger.
It saves the trouble of opening the mould.
It is practical, convenient and labor-saving.
It is your ideal choice.
Choose lens frame with supplementary lenses, drill three holes after 
that pupil height line and PD were drawn. And then replacing the pattern, 
it can and be directly installed and used at Edge. 
Detailed Product Description:
1,  big power DC motor.
2, Drilling three holes directly on demo lens together.
3, Don't need make another pattern.
4, Safe, precise, fast speed, competitive price.
5. LED lamp inside, clear operation.
Technical Parameters
Dimensions (L*W*H): 220*150*360mm 
Weight: 3 kg
Power Requirement: 110V/220V  60Hz/50Hz  AC 100W