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YSD2000A Ventilator

Item No.: YSD363
Product Description
Usage of  Medical Airway Ventilator :

YSD2000A is the type of electrically and pneumatically controlled synchronous respirator with time switch. It is mainly used for the saving of patients with respiratory failure field surgical operation and resuscitation after surgical operation. It can be used in the ambulance transportation and surgical operation outside, respiration medicine and operation rooms of various types of hospitals. 


 * High intelligent control system 
 * Multiple modes of ventilation 
 * Compliance compensation function
 * Colorful  LCD display screen , display alarming information and graphics ventilation parameters
 * Adapting item: air compressor and the function of grain and atomization
 * Two driven mode: electric and pneumatical
 * Applicable to both adults and children
 * Multiple working mode and ventilation modes such as IPPV,A/C,PCV,SIMV,SPONT/CPAP,PSV ,SIGH,MAUN
 * With alarming functions
 * With realtime compensation function
 * With air and oxygen mixer of high accuracy,stable and reliable.
 * With built-in spare power source,when outside power source goes off,spare power source starts to work
 * Compatible with air compressor

Basic Configuration:
NO. name specification quantity unit
1 Main body(With air compressor)   1 PC
2 Air connector of compressor   1 PC
3 High pressure O2 tube   1 PC
4 Humidifier   1 PC
5 Steeve   1 PC
6 Adult breathing tube(silica gel)   1 PC
7 Children breathing tube(silica gel)   1 PC
8 Breathing bag 3L 1 PC
9 Power line 0.6M 1 PC
10 Power line 4M 1 PC
11 Fuse T1A 4 PCS
12 Fuse T2A 2 PCS
13 Fuse T6.3A 2 PCS
14 Fuse T10A 2 PCS
15 Operation manual   1 PC
16 Repair card   1 PC
17 Certificate of Quality   1 PC
 Work condition:
 Gas source:O2
 Air compressor
 Rated working pressure:280kpa~600kpa
 Power source: Voltage ~220V±22V
                         Frequency: 50HZ±1HZ

Alarming and protection function:
Alarm when AC power off
Alarm when spare power voltage getting low
Alarm when there's tidal volume
Alarm when ventilation volume too high or too low
Alarm when tube pressure too high or too low
Pressure limits
Alarm when concentration of Oxygen too high or too low
Alarm when suffocation occurs
Pressure safety relief valve<125cmH2O
Main parameters
Adjusting range of parameters:
Frequency:1 bpm ~ 100 bpm(
                 SIMV mode:1 bpm~ 40 bpm
                 Other modes:  Adult4 bpm~ 40 bpm Children:20bpm~ 100 bpm
Tinsp(inspiratory time):0s~ 12s(Except for SIMV mode Respiratory ratio::4:1~1:8)
VT(Tidal volume) range: 0 mL ~ 2000 mL                     
                        Adult:25mL ~ 2000 mL  Children: 0 mL ~ 300 mL
PEEP: 0 cmH2O ~ 40 cmH2O 
CPAP: 0 cmH2O ~ 20 cmH2O
Continuous air flow : Adult: L/min ~ 60 L/min 
                    Children:2 L/min ~ 30 L/min
PTr(Pressure trigger):- 20cmH2O ~ 20 cmH2O
FTr: (Flow trigger)0.5 L/min ~ 30 L/min
Pc(Pressure control):5cmH2O ~ 80 cmH2O
Ps(Pressure support): 0 cmH2O ~ 80 cmH2O
Adjusting range of O2 concentration: 21 %~100 %
Holding time(Inhalation platform /TIP):  0 ~ 6s(≤50 % inspiratory time)
SIGH adjusting range:1/100 ~ 5/100
Suffocation ventilation: OFF,5 s ~ 60 s
Pressure limit range:20cmH2O ~ 100 cmH2O
Max safety pressure<12.5Kpa
Monitoring parameters:
Frequency:0 /min ~ 100 /min
VT(Tidal volume):0 mL ~ 2500 mL
MV(Tidal volume/min):0 L/min ~ 99 L/min
Tube pressure:0 cmH2O ~ 100 cmH2O 
Concentration of inhaled oxygen:15 % ~ 100 %
Graphical display 
Tube pressure-time wave line                                                            
Air flow-time wave line
Pressure volume loop