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Lens Meter

Item No.: YSD352
Lens Meter
CW-1A (with Contact lens box & print device)
CW-1B (none)
Product Characteristics
Exquisite exterior shape. Advanced mechanical features.
AC DC dual-purpose power source, it is portable to test on hand or on desk at any time or any place.
Technical Parameters
Dimensions (L*W*H): 260*100*180mm
Weight: 1 kg
Power Requirement: DC 4.2V    2W
  1. Range of Vertex Power: +15diopterto-15dioper
  Step of Vertex Power: 0-(±) 10D for 0.125D     (±)10D-(±)15D for 0.25D
  1. Range of Prismatic Power: 4 prism diopter
  Step of Prismatic Power: 1 diopter
  1. Range of Cylindnical Axis: 0 to 180 degrees
  Step of Cylindnical Axis: 1°
  1. Lenses Accommodated: Diameter 20mm to 80mm
  Eyepiece Focusing: -5D to +5D
  1. Technical parameters:
            Power: 3W
            Woltage: 110V/60Hz    220V/50Hz
            Power: (DC) 3V (AC) 6V
            Weight: 1kg 
           Dimensions: 300x170x70mm