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Hosptial/Home use Ventilator APAP YSD-H100

Item No.: YSD102

Medical Breathing machine/auto APAP


1.CE and ISO approval APAP 

2.Auto function 
3.Provide stable 2-20hpa therapy pressure

Technical Specifications:

Device Size
Dimensions:220x194x112 mm
313x194x112 mm(with InH2 TM heated humidifier)
Weight: <2kg
Product Use,Transport and Storage

operation Transport and Storage
Temperature: 5 to 40 -20 to 55
Humidity: ≤80% Non-condensing ≤93 Non-condensing
Atmospheric pressure: 86 to 106 kPa N/A

Standard Compliance

IEC 60601-1 General Requirements for Safety of Medical Electrical instrument
ISO 17510 Sleep Apnoea Breathing Therapy

Mode of Operation

AC Power Consumption
100-240VAC,50/60 Hz
Type of Protection Againest Electric Shock
Class II instrument
Degree of Protection Against Electric Shock
Type BF Applied Part
Degree of Protection Against Ingress of Water
IPXO-Ordinary instrument
Pressure Range 
2 to 20 hPa(in 0.5hPa increments)
Pressure Stability
2 to 20 hPa(±0.5hPa)
Sound Pressure Level
<30 dB
Maximum Flow
>15 LPM
Pressure Display Accy.
±0.5 hPa

hosptial/home use APAP LFH100